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Tel : 093-536-9498 , 090-613-2558

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       Bun Chaluay Farm has an area of 30 rai. Want the family And children can live with nature So build a small house on this land and have vegetables that we can eat ourselves. But also that we grow a lot Therefore not eating well in the household. ...

       We therefore sell to people who love health and want to eat vegetables that are chemical-free. Therefore creating a page called "Boon Chalalu Farm" for sale to health lovers Because there are a lot of people interested So talked in the family Try to make a family business look. Focus on health groups Therefore having to think about natural products There are many organic products of Boon Chalu Rai. Phichit Papaya LimeKaeng Dam, Hongland, Golden Banana, Banana, Giant Tamarind, Neem, Coffee, Seasonal Vegetables etc.